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Featured Titles For This Week!


Wedding DJ Book Cover

Tips To Improve Your Wedding DJ Business: Wedding Marketing For Djs (previously published as Running A Successful Wedding DJ Business) – John Beck & Derek Pengelly – $25 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Package deal with Essential DJ – Only $10 More

Package deal with Wedding Horror Stories – Only $5 More!

John and Derek show you how specializing as a wedding DJ and performing beyond your customers’ expectations can be lucrative and rewarding. Brides and grooms want more than a guy who is going to wheel in speakers and play one song after another and they are willing to pay more for it. There have never been so many opportunities to set yourself a part and succeed as a wedding DJ Specialist as there are right now and John and Derek give you more ideas in this one book than you could execute in your career. John and Derek cover valuable insights on marketing, sales and the basics of operating a successful business like contracts and deposits. Learn how to handle phone calls and overcome price objections. Get insights on the traditions and formalities of wedding receptions along with new ideas for activities that will “wow” guests and clients alike. This kind of expertise gives the Wedding DJ Specialist value. Then the resources on developing your skill and talent are probably the most valuable since any idea can succeed marvelously or fail dismally depending on how it was executed. Plus there is the list of “add on” services that you can easily include to make an even more profitable business. So whether your starting out or been in the DJ business a long time, this book will “change the game”!


Start Your Own Photo Booth Business by Rob Savickis – $20 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Start Your Own Photo Booth Business is a new approach to introducing professionals to the business of generating revenue using photo booths. Author Rob Savickis takes readers through all of the basics that are needed to incorporation photo booths into a business. His knowledge of the event production industry is sure to bring forward new ideas to even the most advanced disc jockey or photo booth owner. Rhythm Rob has been a member of the national disc jockey industry for over fifteen years. Readers will enjoy his conversational and fun to read writing style.


Essential DJ by Fernando Curcione – $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

For DJs who are starting out, for those who have been spinning the hits for years, for you the music lover and home entertainer, use the recipes in this book to create the perfect party! With a brief history of each musical category, DJ 101 / Beat Mixing and Microphone Techniques, Create Your Own Party / The Recipe Mixes / State of the Art Equipment / The Setup. In this book you will find everything you need, especially the music titles and how to play them.


DJ Companion by Rob Savickis – $25 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

DJ Companion 6th Edition is a newly revised edition of the nationally renewed DJ Companion Book. In this reference guide Rob Savickis provides readers with everything from contest trivia, specialty dances and games to top 10 lists, helpful tips and much more. Rhythm Rob has
been a member of the national disc jockey industry for over fifteen years. Readers will enjoy his conversational and fun to read writing style.


Hosting for DJs by Josh Yawn – $15 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Josh Yawn has been a host to national television audiences, Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of happy couples. This book is a collection of the education found on each of those journeys, applied and tailored to the mobile disc jockey. Hosting for DJs is an often-humorous but
always-honest look into the art of hosting from Josh’s unique perspective. No matter how long you’ve been a DJ, you will take away valuable knowledge to better your performance and create an incomparable new branding for your business.


Play Something We Can Dance To – $70 including shipping – Click here to order through Paypal

Updated annually and published for over 15 years, Play Something We can Dance to! is a spiral bound book / data CD set packed with essential song info for DJs .  Compiled by Jay Maxwell, Mobile Beat’s resident musicologist and author of his PSWCDT column for almost two decates, the book contains valuable song lists sorted by Title, Artist, Category, year and BPM.  As a bonus, two dozen of Jay’s best MB articles are included.