Your Computer Is Not Your Friend—Don’t Trust It – By Robert Lindquist

June 11, 2018 by Robert Lindquist

Acouple of summers ago, I was asked to help out a local DJ who was running late getting to his assigned ceremony/reception. As it turned out, he really didn’t need any help, but I hung around for a bit.

As the bridal party began assembling, he grabbed his laptop and headed for the ceremony site. Unable to locate a convenient AC outlet, I suggested he just run it off the battery. He couldn’t. There wasn’t one. Not only that, the hinge was broken to the point he had to prop up the screen. My guess was that it had been dropped—probably more than once. There was also a dis- gusting layer of grime on the keyboard and screen.

Was this an extreme case? I can only hope so. Why any DJ would want to trust his or her reputation to a potentially prob- lematic laptop is beyond me.

Computers can be finicky. We all know that. Even a new or low-mileage laptop can go haywire for no apparent reason. For example, I use a MacBookPro running MegaSeg. I have used this combination for years and never once had a problem. Then, this past summer, I encountered an issue with MegaSeg crashing on startup. One weekend it was fine, the following weekend, it just totally refused to load. Then I noticed that Spotify was auto-load- ing in front of Megaseg. I quit Spotify and MegaSeg ran without a glitch. It just goes to underscore the fact that computers are fair-weather friends that will let you down right when you need them the most. And that is a pretty scary proposition.

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