You Work For Yourself But Is Your Inbox Your Real Boss?

February 28, 2020 by Terry Lewis

Is Your Inbox Your Real Boss?

Before bookings became a certainty in my business, I was often distracted from achieving goals by my inbox, and I didn’t even know it!

I’d wake, check emails and instantly react to messages that had nothing to do with motivating engaged couples to book me, the next thing I knew, the morning was gone and sometimes part of the afternoon too! I was being bossed around by other peoples messages that were not helping me to fill the booking gaps in my calendar – can you relate to that? If you do, do you think you need to fire yourself and re-hire a more business-focused version of you?

It dawned on me that every time I allowed a random email to sidetrack me, it not only took me away from what I should have been doing – working on my priorities, it diverted me towards working on someone else’s priorities!

That was when I realised I needed to get the blinkers on if I were ever to lay ‘Pipelines’. A Pipeline is a strategy that encourages engaged couples to enquire or book.

I only took the blinkers off to circle back to non-urgent emails towards the end of the day, never at peak times.

Segmenting Pipelines from everything else was a game-changer for me and can be a game-changer for you too. If you are open to this idea, here’s a guide to getting started:

  1. Choose a Pipeline you need to implement.
  2. Select the number of minutes or hours you want to dedicate to implement it.
  3. Turn off your notification centre for that block of time, so you are not disturbed by alerts while focusing on the one thing.
  4. This is optional (and something I do): put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ while you are in the zone. 

You’ll quickly implement strategies that speak to the hearts of your avatar, that will increase your chances of getting booked.

If you are prone to continually clicking the next new shinny email that pings into your phone or computer the second it arrives, do you owe it to yourself to stop the distraction? Especially if its at the cost of growing your business?

Let me put it another way, imagine you plan to drive from A to B, and every few moments a person you drive past randomly shouts out “At the next junction turn left”, or “Turn right” or “Make a U-turn”, and you do. Following other peoples instructions will take you off-course, delaying the time it will take you to get to point B, if you get there at all!

If you get to the end of each day and wonder why you’ve not achieved many of the tasks on your ‘to-do list’, could this be why?

Yes, sometimes an urgent message will ping in demanding a response, but I’m not talking about those, you need to jump on essential emails as quickly as possible. It’s the non-urgent ones I’m talking about. Please resist the temptation to act on those the second they hit your inbox because they create one of the fastest ways to dilute your productivity and delay the installation of your Pipelines. The time to react to those emails is at the end of the day.

If you rarely fulfil the priorities you set at the start of each day, you may find the answer in the realisation that your boss is your inbox, because IT and not you, directed your day.

If this resonates, let me ask you a question:

  1. “If you don’t install Pipelines to drive enquiries into your inbox or mobile, who will?”

If your answer has got you thinking, as it once did for me, promise yourself you’ll at least try ‘Segmenting Time For Pipelines’ for the 31 days in March – which is just around the corner. It could be the tipping point that fills the gaps in your booking calendar.

Bye for now


Is Your Inbox Your Real Boss?

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