Whatever Happens, Don’t Panic! – By Mike “Dr. Frankenstand” Ryan

June 15, 2018 by Mike Ryan

I recently had a chance meeting with Moby at a restaurant in Los Angeles. He was beyond kind to chat with me for a few moments. After eating I purchased his book, Porcelain, and powered through it in a week. It’s a candid telling of his hard life before fame, living in an abandoned warehouse, dashing about through Gotham City’s sordid and dangerous street life. One of the things that stuck me was his honesty about a couple of mistakes he made while performing in night clubs—mistakes that would have destroyed any normal DJ. We all make mistakes; how we respond to them tests our mettle as professional entertainers.

It is inevitable that you will even- tually screw up or have a catastrophic equipment failure. And don’t think it only happens to beginners. Take Moby, the musician/DJ—a superstar. Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC, was onstage with Moby free-styling to his part in the song “Pause,” Moby was the DJ and he typically jumps and dances around the stage. This evening he accidently bumped his record player making the needle jump off the record and into the musical equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death: dead air! The horror! McDaniels threw the mic down, walked off the stage leaving hundreds of booing fans shouting, “stupid white boy, f—d up DMC!”

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