The Qualities of a Successful DJ

March 28, 2017 by Brian Lawrence

At one point or another, you’ve probably looked back over the past year and measured your success. Sometimes success is built in self-reflection. With that in mind, here are the top qualities of a successful DJ.


Patience – Having patience shows a client that you care. Spending time builds rapport. Rapport makes your client comfortable and encourages them to ask questions, which earns your trust. And trust closes sales.

Empathy – When you try to feel what your client feels, a connection is built. Telling your own personal story or a third-party story that relates to your client shows empathy. Validating their feelings and concerns gains trust. And again, trust closes sales.

Knowledge – Knowledge opens the door to confidence. The more you’re postured as a thought leader, the more respect you earn. That increases you and your company’s worth and creates sales not just on price or quality, but because of your value.

Creativity – Use creativity to quench the thirst for differentiation. Clients want to see uniqueness in your service.

Passion – Radiate your love for music and DJing. When you show your client that you’re genuinely excited for their wedding, you’ve engaged in a relationship-building experience that transcends the sales process and makes your prospect want to become your client.

Internal Motivation – Be the best at what you do and always motivate yourself to be successful. When you exceed expectations, people will want to do business with you.

Thinking and Growing – Take some time to think about your future. Reflect on your mistakes. Through this, you’ll build a success mentality. If you get swallowed up in day-to-day thinking, you’ll miss the bigger picture and get trapped in stagnant productivity. Think about growth and take action towards it. Allow yourself to change. These are great attributes for success.

Tasteful Assertiveness – Keep your eyes peeled for business opportunities. Shake hands and always have business cards readily available. This ability to make connections will open many doors for you. Look for opportunities for your business and when you know they are right, seize them without hesitation.

Work Hard But Avoid Burnout – Work smarter, not harder. Putting quality into what you do is often better than the quantity of time it takes. Eat sensibly and rest. Spend time with family and your personal interests. Take vacations. Burnout can hinder all of the attributes described above.

Self-Confidence –If you lack confidence in yourself, your clients will lack confidence in you too. Never doubt yourself, especially during meetings with potential clients as they will see it and wonder if you’re the right choice for them. There is so much you can do with your own inner resources to help your DJ business, especially if you believe in yourself.

It is very important to look at these attributes when reflecting on or planning for success. Think about each one, write down how you will implement each one, and then take action!

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