The Essentials of Professionalism in One Word: PLEASE – By Jay Maxwell

June 9, 2018 by Jay Maxwell

Recently, my son’s high school robotics club asked me to speak on the essentials of professionalism. To help them remember the essentials, I told them to remember the acronym PLEASE. After delivering this talk to my son’s group, I realized that these essentials apply to many professions, including mobile DJs.


is a phrase to help a professional remember to shake hands. The handshake, where people connect their palms, is an essential of professionalism because it helps make a firm physical contact with another human. At many worship services, there is a time where the pastor invites the congregation to shake someone’s hand. Whether it is at a bridal fair meeting potential clients, or when a guest at an event comes up to make a request, it is important to shake hands to make them feel important, and that the professional cares about them.

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