The Art of Interaction – By Xanthin Smith

December 17, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer


The Art of Interaction is an entertainment format designed to inspire, inform and emotionally impact your audience in a positive way. The two main components are your Inner Game and Outer Game. In this article, I’ll be discussing your Inner Game.

Inner Game is your Mindset. Your mindset is a combination of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. There are three components of your Inner Game: 1. Conversation. 2. Confidence, 3. Communication


Conversation is the inner thoughts and feelings one has with one self. As a professional DJ/MC entertainer it’s extremely important that you manage the content of the conversation that’s going on inside of your head.

If your conversation is negative it will likely cause you to feel fear and doubt. If your conversation is positive it will likely cause you to be bold and confident.

Entertainers’ negative inner conversations often sound like this: “I can’t dance,” “I’m not a good speaker,” or “I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

Change your thoughts from the negative to the positive and your feelings will follow suit. Control your conversation and you will increase your Confidence.


Confidence is a feeling of certainty. It begins within you and is expressed through you. Confidence is so strong people can sense it on a subliminal level. They can hear it in your voice and see it in your body.

You can’t talk about confidence without talking about its number one nemesis: doubt. Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. The genesis of doubt is fear. Fear is defined as an intense, negative emotion.

You must overcome fear to become an exceptional entertainer.

There are three basic fears: 1. The Fear of Loss; 2. The Fear of Rejection; 3. The Fear of The Unknown

There are four fear-based behavioral responses: 1. Fight. 2. Flight. 3. Freeze. 4. Faint.

There are two classifications of fear: 1. Rational. 2. Irrational

Why is it important to understand fear?

As I mentioned, a successful entertainer must first become confident. No confidence equates to no success. The better you deal with your doubts and fears the more confidence and success you will have as an entertainer. The good news is that doubt and fear can be replaced with confidence and courage.

Confidence is a learned process. Confidence must be conditioned through repetition.

Two ways in which confidence is acquired are: 1. Knowing. 2. Doing

The more you know about a subject, the more confident you will feel. We call this inner game, or mental confidence, because you know it in your head. “Knowing confidence” comes from information and education.

The more you do something, the more confident you will feel. We call this outer game, or physical confidence, because you know it in your body. “Doing confidence” comes from your actions and experiences.

One example of “knowing confidence” is when you attend the Mobile Beat conference and you are given the instructions about how to do a new dance. An example of “doing confidence” is when you physically get up and run through the dance until it becomes second nature. This preparation and practice leads to confidence.

What do many DJ entertainers do when they are not confident? They act cocky. In other words they fake it. Let me be clear, confidence is not cockiness! We are in the people business and the most successful entertainers keep it real. People respond better to authenticity.

3. Communication is the verbal and non-verbal exchange of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions between two or more people. It is the inner and outer game.

Communication experts agree that 55% of our communication is body language, 38% is voice and tonality and the remaining 7% are words.

What is your body language saying? Does it say I’m confident or fearful? Does it say you care? How are you communicating with your body? What tone are you conveying with the words that are coming out of your mouth? Are your thoughts and feelings (inner game) matching your actions and behavior (outer game)? The Art of Interaction seminar will teach you how to combine your inner and outer game for a new level of success as a DJ/MC Entertainer.

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