Stoopid DJ – A Monkey Could Do Your Job

February 8, 2020 by Michael Cordeiro

It’s always nice to get a referal friends or previous clients. I always feel good to see my company name tossed into the ring for an upcoming event. Like most towns we have a few local Facebook group pages where people can ask for recommendations for services. I’m always amazed at how quickly these posts go from a courteous “We’d love to help with your event” to a used car salesman pitch of, “Pick me pick me -we’re better and cheaper than everybody else”.

Recently someone was looking to hire a DJ for a graduation party. People started to drop names and emphatically proclaim the greatness of their referral. I was unpleasantly surprised to learn just how many DJ’s in my area are “The best around” or have the biggest library and best sound system( granted some of the referals are friends of mine and very good at what they do, others…well, who am I to judge). The thread was full of all the usual banter you would expect to see until someone posted this:



That little comment stopped me dead in my tracks. Really? I mean really, really? Rule of respect number one: Never degrade another persons job. Give the custodian and the CEO the same respect. It’s obvious this person believes we are no more than human juke boxes. We all know the work, skill and effort that goes into creating a succesful and memorable event. No need to get into all of that here. (Maybe I should have excluded his name, but I believe if he has the cahonas to post it, well… you figure out the rest)(BTW I put the angry emoji)

What’s surprising is that this guy is not alone in his opinion. I didn’t engage him because I knew I couldn’t change his mind. More than likely I would have just come off as a hot head. How many times have you told someone that you’re a DJ and their reply was to put one hand over their ear and make air scratches with the other hand while saying,”You’re a DJ, wikki wikki”? Frustrating, right? Is our job so easy that a monkey could really do it?

The short answer is no. The bigger question,however, is how do we as an industry change the public perception of what we do? The younger generation gets it better than the boomers. Milennials have grown up watching DJ’s fill stadiums while boomers think we’re that guy with the cheesy suit and fake radio voice. For a Gen X’er, I think to think I’m pretty hip. Unfornately we all know someone in our market that fits that stereotype to a “T”.
My suggestion is to just keep doing the best you can and educate your clients one at a time as to what we really do. Practice your craft, hone your skills and educate yourself. Do you really want to educate yourself and take your business to the next level? Join me at MBLV24 March 15-19 in Vegas. Get those passes!

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