Start Your Day with Musical Brainfood

June 5, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

Are you looking for a gift for a music maven in your life? Or do want something to satisfy your own daily craving for music knowledge? Then let me recommend On This Date in Music by Mike Walter. This labor of love covers some of the most unique and interesting stories from the early days of rock & roll to present day hip hop and pop. On This Date In Music takes the reader on a journey into the history of some of the most beloved bands, songs and artists of the last 60+ years. With the exception of a few specific stories, the essays are not really assigned to a specific date for a historical reason. Rather, as Michael writes in the foreword, “Most of the stories could have been told on any date. The vast majority of these stories simply landed where they did by chance. These were the stories that needed to be told (in my humble opinion); which day they were told on was rarely important.” At well over 400 pages, this tome is not meant to be read in a day or a plane ride. It’s meant to be read one essay per day so the reader can fully digest the story and retell it.

My only quibble with On This Date In Music is the lack of pictures to go with each essay. But I understand it would have made the book even thicker! The beauty of On This Date In Music is that with each essay read, I had a strong desire to look up more information about that story or go put on the album or track referenced and take a listen. Michael Walter’s style of writing makes it easy for the reader to feel a little bit smarter after finishing each essay. As a DJ, this is knowledge that I can directly use to better program my sets, by playing music that will spark emotion in the guests and add energy to my events. Isn’t that our goal, to play great music?

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