Smart DJ Tips: 5 Tips to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

October 14, 2019 by Jason Alexander

When it comes to the DJ business, we all know that there are numerous DJs. It seems as though the market is getting more and more crowded, every month! You may or may not notice, depending on your region or market. For us, the Austin market has definitely become filled with more and more wedding/event DJs, Austin/central TX photo booth rental companies, and more. Why? Well, for starters, the barrier to entry is low.

Why There Are So Many DJs

Think about it, if you needed a Bachelor’s degree to be a DJ, then how many DJs would there now be? About 33% of Americans over age 25 have a degree, while the other 70% (about) don’t have any type of college degree. (My wife and I both have Master’s Degrees, and we’re the owners/managers of our company. Most of our DJs do not have degrees). This means that because no college degree is required, just about anyone who can buy DJ equipment can become a DJ. This does not mean that they’ll actually be a good DJ, of course.

The pay for being a DJ is also quite attractive for those who would otherwise work at a job for $15 or less, per hour (assuming no college degree, or vocational training). This means that being a DJ is even more attractive! 🙂 Also, if you Google “high-paying side hustles,” being a DJ was on the list for quite a while! I think it’s no longer on there, thankfully. haha

So put all these things together, and you have an over-saturated market. The question is, how do you compete against newbies who are willing to do events for far less money than you’d ever dream of? Do you match their prices? Offer deals? Do more marketing or ads? The answer depends on you and your needs.

5 Tips to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

  1. Stick to Your Rates – If you’re willing to price match and it’s worth your time, you can certainly do so. However, understand that this won’t help you stand out. If you want to be busy, it will help you stay busy. Our company, Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, usually does not price match. In my opinion, it devalues the work we do. If you set your rates and someone asks you to lower them to price match, it says that they don’t value your work. We’ll happily turn down 5 customers who want us to lower our rates, for 1 customer who is happy to pay our rates. You have to communicate why your rates are what they are! If you’re able to effectively communicate this, you’ll hardly be asked to price match.
  2. Be Different – It’s a crowded market. Just go on Wedding Wire, or The Knot, and see how many DJs there are, serving your area. It’s definitely more than 3 years ago. That being said, you have to be different. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. This means, don’t say exactly what all your competitors say on their website. Make it easy for clients to see why you’re different, and why you’re better. Anyone can copy/paste text and slightly change it. If you do this, how will your clients know the difference between you and 3 other competitors? Challenge the status quo and find your unique selling proposition. What makes you better than everyone else who is literally selling exactly what you are selling? Hint: it’s not your DJ setup or equipment.
  3. Be Everywhere –  Marketing is important. You have to be everywhere that your clients may be looking for your products. You don’t have to buy paid accounts, of course, but you should still be listed on the sites where they will be. A person has to come into contact with your clients an average of 7 times before they’ll make a buying decision or take an action. This means you’ll need to be on Google, Facebook, wedding sites, etc.
  4. Provide Amazing Service – This is the most important thing of all. New DJs are not going to have the same experience as you. They won’t be as polished, and they may make mistakes. This is bad for their clients but good for you. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve spoken with people who said they wished they had just booked with us, instead. We literally got an email, last week, and a call, yesterday, saying exactly this. Clients need to know that you’re worth every penny that you charge, and then some! Do your absolute best at every single event. Always keep in mind that this event is very important to your client. Sure, it may be your 100th time playing the same song, but it may be the 2nd time that their guests have been to a wedding, all year. Treat every event as if it is the most important gig you’ve ever done because it is.
  5. Don’t Get Comfortable – It’s far too easy to get comfortable and assume that you can cut corners. Guess what, your competitor isn’t, so you shouldn’t either. Take the time to make every event the best event you’ve ever done! Go over every detail of your client’s timeline, agenda, or whatever they’ve given you, to be sure you are doing exactly what they want, and more. Doing what’s expected of you is just the beginning. You have to go above and beyond and really wow your clients, in order to stay on top and keep getting the rates you want! Even if you’re super busy, you have to work as if you are just starting out. Don’t get comfortable! There are hundreds of other DJs who will happily take your spot! Even if you’re number one in your market, work like you are number 2!

These are just a few tips to help you remember that every week, someone is quitting their job to DJ full time. This means that they’ll happily charge less than you, just to pay their bills. Keep providing amazing service and you’ll keep being busy!

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