Smart DJ Tips: There’s Always Someone Cheaper

March 8, 2020 by Jason Alexander


If you’ve received client inquiries in the last month, I am willing to bet that at least one of them either didn’t like your price. That person may have also mentioned a price that someone else quoted them (cheaper than you). How did you react? Did you price match? The choice is always yours, but just know that every dollar you take away from your current price is profit that you’re giving away!

My recent example is from a client inquiry I received last week. The client said: “I got a quote for $650. I want to spend no more than around that, possibly up to $800.” I politely declined and said that we cannot match those rates. I completely understood if that was his ideal budget. I also said he should have no problem finding someone that will agree to that rate. I went on to explain why we could not and wished him luck. Ironically, that was not the end of the emails. In the end, he ended up booking us and paid much more than his budget. 🙂

Remember: there is ALWAYS someone cheaper. The problem with the race to rock bottom is that you might win! Do you really want to win that race? I don’t. It’s time to stop being a commodity and start being the professional. I know you may be thinking “my competitors’ prices are $___. I can’t charge too much more then they do, but I don’t want to be too cheap, either.” 

My question to you is, why not? Why can’t you charge much more? Your only real competitors are yourself and your clients. You have to win the war against yourself and stop giving away your own profit! You have to win the war against a prospective client by convincing him/her about why you’re the best choice and not the other DJs who do exactly what you do!

Yes, I know the truth can be harsh, but many wedding DJs/DJ companies do exactly the same thing. Music, lighting, uplighting, monogram, possibly a photo booth rental, etc. If your client can’t tell the difference between your company and the company that is cheaper, the cheaper company often wins. That’s the issue with wedding websites and listing sites that have numerous companies in your field, all listed together. If everyone sounds the same, looks the same, and gives the same pitch, the cheapest often wins.

Solution: Think about what makes you different. What makes you better? Focus on getting this message across to your potential clients. Once you can really clarify this message, the price your competitors charge will no longer matter. What are your thoughts? What do you do differently?


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