Smart DJ Tips: Find Your Niche & Find Success!

October 11, 2018 by Jason Alexander

When it comes to the DJ & wedding/event business, there is certainly no shortage of vendors! It seems as though every month, new wedding/event vendors are popping up, ready to begin their journey into the wedding world! In our area, the Austin Wedding DJ market certainly has no shortage of DJs and DJ companies. In the Austin, Texas area, there are over 150 professional DJ companies! Factor in all the DJ companies and solo DJs who do not advertise as much, or are on Facebook only, Craigslist, etc., and there are hundreds of more DJs in the business, right here in our area!

On top of that, the Austin & San Antonio photo booth rental market is increasing in competition, as well. It goes without saying, this is the same for just about every wedding market! So how do you stand out in a crowded market, full of new competition? Pricing? Equipment? What makes you different than all the other companies or DJs, photo booth providers, or other vendors out there? Do you know the answer to this? If not, you should.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Find your niche! Don’t try to be everything. Find a niche market that you can focus your services on and perfect it! Whether you want to provide wedding DJs, quinceanera DJs, prom DJs, school dance DJs, Country music DJs, Latin music DJs, photo booths, lighting, etc., it doesn’t matter. Just put a laser focus on your target market and study it! Yes, I said study it! This is your business! Treat it as such and learn everything you possibly can about that niche. Can you have more than one niche? Yes, but only after you’ve established your presence, should you branch out.

What do they want that you can offer, better, than everyone else? What makes that niche unique? What is their typical budget range? Are there enough people in this niche to keep you busy all year? How many other competitors are also targeting this same market? Why are you the best choice? Learn the answer to every one of those questions and be able to cite your answers in your sleep! I’m big on learning and consider myself a life-long learner. You’re never too busy to learn more about your niche! The moment you think you got it all figured out and become complacent is the moment your competitors will figure out how to be better. My rule of thumb is to be number one, always work like you are number 2! Work hard, find your niche, and enjoy your success!


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