Smart DJ Tips: Convenience is Key!

August 16, 2017 by Jason Alexander

When it comes to business, convenience always wins! Before 1928, everyone sliced their own bread, at home. Along came Otto Rohwedder, who invented sliced bread. People thought, sliced bread?? Who’s too lazy to slice their own bread? Well, you know what happened after that. 🙂 People want easy. As I mentioned last week, Amazon is winning, big, by making things convenient and easier! What does that have to do with you? Everything!

What can you do to make your client’s lives easier? How can you make things more convenient for your clients? Whether you’re a DJ, a photographer, photo booth rental service, or whatever your business, you can always find ways to make things easier for your clients. How do you communicate with your clients? Do you “meet them where they are?” This means, communicate the same way that they contacted you (don’t force a meeting or call). That’s convenient and easier for them (and usually you, too). When it comes to your role in their event, what do you do to help?

If you’re a DJ, you need their music selections or key moment songs for weddings/quinceaneras. Do you have a song suggestion list to help them out, if they’re stuck trying to find a song? If not, why not? Again, make it easier for them! Here’s our online music library. We have a “popular list” tab that clients can click on, for song suggestions. Not only is it easier for clients, but it’s also easier for us, too, since we know we already have all those songs in our library! If they’ve never heard the song, they just click on it and it plays! No need to search on YouTube or anywhere else.

When it comes to payment, how do you allow clients to pay? For us, we allow payment in as many ways as possible. Again, convenience is key! We accept credit cards and PayPal right on our website. The only issue with this is the surcharge of about 3.5% for each transaction. We’re a small business, so we do add these fees in, which isn’t always easy for clients to see/hear. For the clients who don’t want to pay that fee, we accept checks, money orders and cashier’s checks (we require payment 21 days in advance). There is no fee, but it isn’t as convenient to get a check/money order, get an envelope, buy a stamp, etc. Who still has checks and stamps, besides your grandparents?

Most people opt to pay us directly on our website, despite the fee. We do warn our clients of the fee, which can vary but is usually an average of $25 – $40. Ironically, 95% of our clients don’t care about the fee, since they’d rather not have to deal with checks stamps, trips to the store, etc. Austin, Texas has horrible traffic!

Overall, these are just a few ways we make things more convenient for our clients. There are many more ways! What do you do?


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