Smart DJ Tips: Choosing the Right Generator for Your Outdoor, Summer Events

July 3, 2018 by Jason Alexander

Summer is here, and that means lots of fun concerts, outdoor festivals, boat parties, and more! However, that also means you’ll get booked for some of these events and often times, there is no available power source for you to use! Whether you’re providing a DJ, a photo booth, photography, or whatever, you’ll certainly need power.

Many people are completely lost when it comes to knowing which generator to choose for their needs. Luckily, most generator manufacturers know this, so they have plenty of helpful tips on their website, to help you choose the right generator for your needs. For our business, Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, we prefer to use a Honda 3000 Watt Generator for DJ or photo booth power. Usually, we’ll need a smaller generator, if the photo booth is in a different area, which is usually is.

This 3000-watt generator will provide the adequate power you need for powering a fan (you’ll definitely need it in the summer), lights, a computer, and a PA system. This should easily provide the adequate power you need, for several hours. If you need power for a larger setup, such as a huge outdoor festival with thousands of people, you will definitely need to select a generator with more power. If you’re booked for one of these events, then the team in charge of the event has likely already taken care of all the power needs. Visit the Honda site to see applications for what each generator can power.

The generator does require gas and the gas tank holds 3.4 gallons. You can always bring an extra gallon or two, of gasoline, just in case you think you may need it. The one, 3.4-gallon tank will provide you with enough power to run the generator at full capacity (about 2800 watts, constantly), for around 7 hours. If you’re running it at 1/4 capacity, (you’re running a small setup), the 3.4 gallons will power the generator for up to 20 hours! Be sure to bring energy-saving devices, such as LED Lights and low power consumption equipment, if possible.

Another perk of the Honda generator is that it’s pretty quiet! It’s only rated at 48-57 decibels, which is about the noise level of normal speech/talking! If you’re concerned about the noise, just be sure to bring a long extension cord (50 foot should be fine), and set up the generator farther away.

One thing you also may be concerned about is the cost to buy a 3000-watt generator. The cost varies, but for this particular generator, it’s around $2,000! That’s a lot, but if you know you’ll use it often, it’s certainly worth the investment. If you don’t need one too often, you can easily rent one, from your local rental place, or even from Home Depot, for about $60, for the Honda 3000 watt generator! Visit the Home Depot generator rentals page, for details. Just type in your zip code for your nearest store and call them to discuss your event needs.

One last thing to consider is transporting this generator or any generator, really. They’re about 100 lbs and though they’re small, they aren’t too small. If you have a smaller vehicle and can barely fit your DJ or photo booth equipment, then you may need to figure out a better way to transport everything to your event. Talk to the person in charge of the event and discuss your options!

If you want to read a more in-depth article, check out our Using a Generator for Weddings, Boat Parties & Events, With No Power, article. I hope this helps you with your summer events and parties! Feel free to add your input on what works best for you at your events!

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