No New Year New Me Baloney

January 10, 2020 by Michael Cordeiro

The other day I went outside to finally start taking down all the Christmas lights I put up. It’s no small task. I’m “that guy” in my neighborhood. I have a simple philosophy when putting up the lights each year. If you can’t see them from space you need more. I like to think of my house as the Griswolds, but classier. The way I see it is if I can’t make my house look spectacular, then why would anyone hire me to do lighting for their event?

Taking down the lights gives me plenty of time to think. Of course I do everything the “DJ” way. All light strings get wrapped a certain way. Colors are separated in tubs and all the extension cords get wrapped and put in a different tub. Projection lights and lasers go in another tub. All of the other decor gets put in a section of my storage trailer. I have a 32ft storage trailer in my yard. two thirds is Christmas stuff the other third is Halloween. My wife doesn’t go in there. It saves a lot of arguments and needless questions like, “When did you buy that?”

As I spent the next three hours on autopilot taking the lights down I started focusing on what I wanted out of 2020. Personally, professionally, spiritually where was I going with this year. As I formulated my game plan and strategy for success my mind shifted to the topic of relevancy and authenticity. To really be successful I have to learn to be me ( the real me) and not a version that I think my clients or others want me to be. It’s a common trap we all fall into.

No matter how many pairs of skinny jeans I buy or if I dye my hair blue or get a man bun (never) that’s just not who I am. I always enjoy the eye rolling from my 17 year old daughter every time I try to be “hip”. She almost had a heart attack when she found out I was the DJ for her junior prom this year. On top of that her mom (my wife) will be there running the photo booth. I didn’t know a jaw could drop that far.

Where does that instinct to blend come from? Is it a fear of disconnect between you and your clients. Fear of being aged out of the game and no longer being relevant. I get it. I’m 51 and the average age of my bride’s is 29. Not to mention all the gigs I do for schools. I was born before men walked on the moon. How do I relate to kids and clients that have lived their whole life in the digital age?

By listening to them. Simple enough. I really believe that people can see right through our charades of wearing clothing styles they wear or using catch phrases from their generation to try and blend in. That instantly comes off as disingenuous. By the same token constantly referring to TV shows from the 1970’s isn’t going to help either. The trick is to use common phrases and be yourself when communicating. Identify their problems and offer solutions that solve them.

This year and moving forward, I want to work on being the best me I can. True happiness starts within and moves outward to embrace and touch every part of your life. Nothing or no one can “make” you happy but you. Everything else is just temporary feelings. You’ve got to learn to fill any voids within. Your family and friends will see that and your clients will see that. This is how you succeed.


PS I still have two more big trees full of lights to take down!

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