Monoprice Moves into MI By: Ryan Burger

September 15, 2013 by Aaron Burger

mb151_103I’m not sure what initially turned me on to MonoPrice. com but I know it was about three or four years ago when I first found it. Initially, I discovered that it’s a fantastic place to get cables.

This included computer cables (networking, USB, VGA, etc.), TV and stereo needs (HDMI, RCA), switches for switching any of the above, splitters to redirect strong video signals, and adapters to convert almost anything to anything. They also supplied me with iPad chargers for my car and home, projector mounts, video amplifiers, desktop speakers… well you get the point. During the last couple of years, we have placed a “show prep” order about a month before the Mobile Beat Vegas show.

They ship out of California, so I can order stuff on Monday and have it on Thursday or Friday (using regular service) depending on when I hit their shipping deadline. They’ve never had a product back-ordered that I needed. On almost all of their cables they offer multiple grades of quality; I usually pick the middle level and it has served me very well. As an alternate source for products that I can get from the local big box store (usually of lower quality and often at five times the price), in a prettier box, Monoprice has been fantastic.

Until now I haven’t purchased any DJ oriented cables from them, but that could be changing because now they serve the DJ market…

At the last winter NAMM show, when I walked into the arena area of the exhibit floor (where a lot of the DJ-oriented exhibitors end up) I saw Monoprice in an attractive booth. I got excited that they were clearly entering the MI market, which includes the DJ realm. After talking with Jess Macintyre, the Product Manager of Pro Audio for Monoprice, I was even more excited that they were going way beyond just XLR and DMX cables, and expanding the adapters/misc stuff I was already getting from them. A look at the new “Pro Audio Series” area of the website reveals that they are currently stocking all the standard cables that DJs and sound/ lighting/video engineers need, including 1/4”, XLR, Speakon, audio snakes, combo adapter cables, wall plates, and stands of many kinds, including DJ-friendly speaker stands with air assist.

The next phase of serving the DJ market is soon to come, with the addition of DJ mixers and PA systems to the tabletop mixers and microphones they’ve already added as live sound products. Plus, a dedicated “DJ & Karaoke Systems” area is in the works. It’s obvious Monoprice is moving past focusing on“commodity” products only (ie, cables) into the world of serious hardware.

Macintyre says, “It’s exciting to redefine the pro audio industry’s price points by offering Monoprice’s Pro Audio Series products at previously unheard of prices. We will continue to expand our line across all MI categories with the same level of quality as the established name brands.” He has sworn me to secrecy on some of the other products that they’ve been testing (even with the DJ at his own recent wedding!).

Monoprice is out to revolutionize this industry, as Luke Grant, Director of Marketing says: “Monoprice is in the right place at the right time with our direct-to-customer business model. While we are known for cables and electronic accessories that are on par with national brands but at much lower cost, we are also excited about applying the same success formula to newly expanded product offerings…Our customers have indicated a strong level of interest in pro audio, and Monoprice’s approach allows us to provide the right performance specs at a great price without cutting corners on quality. That’s what makes our business work.”

Stay tuned to and check out the accompanying article on some of the first products that MonoPrice sent us to review.

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