October 3, 2019 by Dan Walsh

Getting Ready

Hey y’all…Got a quick-reading issue here for your enjoyment. It’s all great stuff, in my not-at-all-biased opinion (thanks to all my great writers). However, a couple of pieces should be noted. For those of you running multi-system outfits, Joe Bunn (owner of one of the most successful such outfits in the nation) offers some sage advice on that important but often difficult decision owners face: when to move a DJ up to the next level.

Also, we welcome Rachel Lynch, whose forte is reviewing and teaching about gear and performance, with her review of the groundbreaking, mobile-DJ-oriented new controller from Roland, the DJ707-M.

Thanks for checking in!

~ Dan Walsh, Editor-in-Chief

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When Is a DJ Ready? – Joe Bunn
Grounded: Bad for Kids, Good for DJs – Stu Chisholm
Distinctly Different – Matt Martindale
Roland DJ-707M Controller: Versatility on the Go – Rachel Lynch
Disco Twitter Links Past and Present – Mike Cordeiro
8 Steps to Transform Your Corporate Culture – Magi Graziano

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