Mobile Beat’s Success Story For Your Business

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Over two years ago, Mobile Beat “stopped the presses” after 25 years of putting out seven paper issues each year. Like every other magazine and newspaper, we had to find our own way to adapt to the dramatic changes in media technology and reader behavior over the last five years.

After surveying thousands of DJs and talking to advertisers and other industry members, we found out that readers and advertisers alike wanted to see Mobile Beat published more often, be easier tpuredigitalmonthlycovershot_no_bgo access, and feature more up-to-the-minute content. Our solution was a monthly digital magazine maintaining a classic magazine-style experience (featuring in-depth articles and rich graphic design) that was also enhanced with video and other features that could never be enjoyed in a paper version. This was partnered with a constantly updated, blog-style feed at MobileBeat.Com where readers could get breaking DJ news and other quick-reading content.

While readers can still access Mobile Beat on the desktop through MobileBeat.Com, a dedicated, user-friendly Mobile Beat app has become the primary access point for many readers, who live on mobile devices. Meanwhile, exclusive and curated content on Mobile Beat.Com is echoed out through Apple News, Facebook and Twitter, as well.

Staying firmly in touch with our print magazine roots, we continue to bring readers the high-quality articles they have come to expect during Mobile Beat’s first 25 years. Consequently, new readers and loyal fans alike continue to be impacted by advertising placed among the magazine’s rock-solid content. While social media outlets certainly have their place in the modern media landscape, nothing can touch what Mobile Beat will continue to publish.

If you are interested in reaching well-informed mobile entertainers with your message, get in touch today and leverage Mobile Beat Magazine’s ongoing success to build your bottom line!

Ryan Burger, Publisher
Dan Walsh, Editor-In-Chief