iRig Pro I/O – For the Singer/Songwriter in You! by Timothy Grant

August 22, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Recently, I was given the opportunity to test a new piece of gear designed to work with GarageBand. It’s called the iRig Pro I/O Portable Audio/MIDI Interface for IOS and USB. Let me say right from the start … WOW!

This is a compact system that packs a punch. Within minutes of setting it up, literally inserting two AA’s and choosing the connection cord you want, I had recorded a Beatles song within a 15 minute session using my iPhone version of GarageBand. The iRig Pro I/O comes with several cables that allow you to record guitars, bass, vocals and even my electric drums. Just that makes it awesome. The various drums available on GarageBand, though good, still slave you to the metronome.

Which means if you have it off and “record” live drums using one of the kits, once you play it back the metronome will automatically adjust to the “correct” tempo and it can sound off. But this device allows my kit to be plugged in for an actual LIVE track, thus bypassing this minor annoyance.

The iRig reproduces an incredibly amazing sound. The clarity, I must admit, took me pleasantly by surprise out of such a small, inexpensive device compared to other more expensive units I’ve seen and used

I recorded an acoustic rhythm and lead guitar track using my Fender FA136 CA electric/acoustic, my Hofner “Beatle” bass, and a Shure SM58 vocal mic for 3 separate vocal/harmonies. Mixing the track was easy. The input section is dual….meaning you can either plug a 1/4 cord or an XLR. I haven’t tried keyboards yet but it works as well as the rest of it, it will be amazing as well.

The iRig Pro I/O comes with its own headphone jack/volume control which also produces an amazing playback experience. Software wise it also includes a couple of free amps and stompboxes, and who doesn’t like free? It’s catalog of amazing products that look just as fun as this.

I look forward to using it on my MacBook Pro as well. Up till now, the MacBook’s version of GarageBand was bit too cerebral to me, but not anymore. The iRig Pro will finally allow the use of a more expansive recording setup while maintaining that complete LIVE band experience.

To have the ability to turn the studio experience on an iPhone is a real treat. I am an instant fan of his gear and would highly recommend this and an excellent addition my studio gear, my traveling gear, as well as a perfect companion to GarageBand.

This product gets a 10 out of 10 for me!  More info can be found at

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