How to Throw Parties with Mobile Entertainment

February 3, 2020 by Mobile Beat

The great thing about mobile entertainment is that you can plan an affordable party with it instead of investing in expensive equipment you may not need afterwards. Then again, you might have a need to make such an investment, especially if you want to run a business that provides mobile services for parties. Some ideas to consider for a mobile entertainment business are mobile sound, photography, videography and special services for unique events.

Choosing Mobile Entertainment

If you’re planning one big party, a good way to save money is to invite everyone to bring their own mobile devices and then connect with a guide to cloud services such as IndiaSlots, which is a one-stop-shop for an online casinos. It connects with 10,000 casino games to choose from. There are many other things you do with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) experience as well.

You probably don’t have to remind anyone to bring their own smartphone. Modern smartphones are commonly equipped with cameras for taking photos or videos, which can be shared live or later on social media. Some of the best home movies come from birthday parties, weddings and anniversaries.

Mobile sound is probably the most universal concept for staging mobile entertainment. With the right equipment, you can host DJ events, band performances, karaoke contests or spoken word storytelling without a lot of bells and whistles. The more people you want to speak on a microphone, such as at a reunion, wedding, office party or awards presentation, the more your event will benefit from a wireless microphone kit. Passing around a wireless microphone is convenient and prevents the danger of tripping over cords.

Equipment Every Mobile DJ Needs

It’s possible for anyone to call themselves a DJ if they have a sound system with a microphone, sources to deliver music and a music collection. That’s the bare minimum equipment needed to convince an event planner or a crowd that someone is a DJ. But professionalism is measured on several levels, depending on who is doing the evaluation.

Dancers care about music, whereas vendors care about crowd activity to create an atmosphere. People who only show up to socialize are more concerned about being able to have conversations over whatever music is playing. Then there are techies who are curious about the sound equipment. The best way to impress each of these crowds is to be equipped with the following gear:

  • speakers (high quality is ideal)
  • amplifier (if not included with speakers)
  • mixing board (4-16 inputs)
  • source for playing music (computer, CD players, turntables, mobile devices)
  • music collection (hundreds to thousands of songs)
  • microphones (wired and wireless)

That’s been the standard setup for decades, even in the 21st century. But the new millennium has ushered in digital alternatives to this setup. Now there is software and consoles specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile DJs. MegaSeg is an application for Mac users, while PCDJ supports PC/Windows users. These programs connect with music libraries on your computer and play them back like a radio station or a mix show, depending on your artistic approach to music programming.

The key to successful party music since the beginning of DJ presentations involves designing an appropriate playlist for whatever type of crowd you’re playing for. In the old days each song was a building block to a playlist that was peceived by a crowd over the course of an event. Now software allows you to set up automated playlists full of unlimited songs, click a button and walk away. This concept doesn’t diminish the traditional roles of DJing, since you will still have the option to stop or talk over the music whenever you want.

Another alternative that’s popular for background or even foreground music at a party is simply to run pre-existing Spotify or Apple Music playlists through a sound system. There are also several other music streaming platforms to choose from.

Being the Life of the Party

Automated playlists are useful and fun, but they can also become robotic and boring without encouragement to have a good time from a party leader. That’s why the classic DJ personality element can never die, no matter how sophisticated tech gets. Some DJs are very talented and can move a crowd with humor and excitement.


Think about the wide range of options when planning a big party. Remember that mobile entertainment brings memorable value to an event. Whatever your desires are for pleasing your crowd, keep in mind the option of outsourcing to an experienced DJ.


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