How To Handle Last Minute Changes Part 4

February 26, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

We wrap up our month long article discussing two of the most common last minute changes and how to handle them.  What do you do if the party gets out of hand…if a guest or two gets a little bit rowdy? I had this happen recently with two younger gentlemen (I’m not sure if they were of true drinking age or not) where they got a little out of hand and began crashing into the head table and I see it literally starting to topple.  Two of the ushers stepped in along with the Groom and handled the situation. Have you had that kind of discussion with your clients?

Finally, what are your Plan B’s and Plan C’s if you’re not able to hold the couple’s wedding ceremony outside?  I’ve had outdoor ceremonies be moved inside due to rain and other times we’ve gone ahead with the ceremony even during a time when it began to hail.  The important thing to know is what you’re going to do and to plan in advance for it. We’ve even been able to provide power to get us through the rest of the reception when a major thunderstorm came through and knocked out power to the whole resort at 8:15pm at night.   

What’s your backup plan?  What kind of conversations are you having in advance with your clients to determine what will happen and how things will be handled if the worst case scenarios do come to light on the day of their event.  Communication, empathy and preparation are the 3 keys that will ensure you come out the other side with strong referrals vs. finger-pointing and blame.


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