Mark Ferrell

Mark Ferrell is the founder of DiscJockeyAmerica-dot-com and owner of MarBeccaTM Extraordinary Entertainment. Being a Disc Jockey has been his profession since 1975, when he got his start in Southern California radio at the age of 18, then as an entertainer at Disneyland, park announcer at Knott’s Berry Farm, and as a voice-over talent in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Denver. He moved on to nightclubs, to his mobile DJ business, on to DJ seminars, and finally to Mobile DJ advocacy.

In February of 1998 Mark was invited to speak about mobile DJ pricing at the Mobile Beat DJ Show in Las Vegas. His 30-minute talk was received with a thundering standing ovation that sent a shockwave throughout the Mobile DJ Industry, which continues to be the hottest topic of discussion today and was the rocket that launched the Worth MovementTM.

In the year 2000 Mark returned to the Mobile Beat DJ Shows as Keynote Speaker with three unprecedented 2-hour seminars titled “Getting What You’re Worth”. The rooms were overflowing with standing-room only crowds and each seminar brought standing ovations again and again.

Mark Ferrell is passionate about the Mobile DJ business and takes great pride in his role as advocate for Mobile DJs. He is widely recognized as the single most important cause of positive change for Mobile DJs and it is our opinion that Mark has inspired more leaders within this industry than any other individual. His Worth TourTM and educational seminars presented in cities throughout the country continue to change the status of the Mobile DJ Industry.