Guide To Wedding Reception Event Introductions

April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat

IntroductionOne of the most intimidating tasks for a disc jockey new to wedding receptions is how to introduce the events. This piece is a collection of ideas used by other disc jockeys from different parts of the country. Each contributor is presenting an entire wedding formalities script. The sequence in which each DJ presents these is only a suggestion based on his or her experience. During your consultation with the bride and groom you will identify the sequence they prefer and what events they may or may not want to include.
Because this article compiles many different suggestions it is arranged for easier navigation by author. There are three sets of sample scripts for wedding events below. Simply click on each author to get his or her version of how to announce each wedding event!

Jamie Simpson
Houserocker’s Mobile Disc Jockey Service
Clarion, PA
Before you start, get everyone’s attention by stopping the cocktail music and saying….
“Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like our bridal party has arrived…if I could please have everyone’s attention.” Repeat as many times as necessary until everyone is quiet.
(music cue)
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the beautiful (name of facility) here in (name of city and state).”
“I’ll be your host for the evening, (your first and last name) from (your company name).”
“And now…if I could please direct your attention to the entrance way…It is time to introduce our bridal party!!!!!”
“First we have….
“Next we have….(bridesmaid) being escorted by….(groomsman)…Let’s give them a big hand.”
Repeat with some variation for each couple in the bridal party. It’s nice to also include a brief mention of the relationship to the bride or groom, i.e. cousin, college roommate. Continue to prompt for applause at the end of each introduction.
(music cue)
“And now…here they are…being introduced for the first time as husband and wife…please give them a nice standing ovation…the new Mr. And Mrs. (however they’ve told you they want to be introduced)!!!!!!
After all are standing at the head table…
” Ladies and Gentleman this is you opportunity to take a picture of the bridal party for your own personal memories. So feel free to come right in front with your camera or camcorder as our bridal party puts on their million dollar smiles.”
“Ladies and gentlemen it looks like we are almost ready for our toast….folks make sure you have something to drink to toast our bride and groom as the champagne is being poured.”
Give them enough time to get ready (2-5 minutes.) Should be pre-poured if possible.
“Ladies and gentlemen it looks like we are ready for our toast…. Now I was speaking with our best man a little bit outside….. and he told me he has been working on this toast for the last few days,…weeks …….. months ………. burning the midnight oil to try to find the appropriate words for our newlyweds …………. so folks with out further delay, please give our best man a nice round of applause performing our toast!”
After the toast is finished say….
“Let’s give our best man a nice hand for a great toast!!!!”
“At this time I would like to find (name of person giving the toast) who will be performing out blessing.”…. (Find the person)….”Let’s give him/her a nice round of applause.”
After the blessing…”
“Thank you very much (name of person).”
“It looks like we are ready for this evenings meal ……….Tonight’s meal will be buffet style and (yourself or banquet manager) will be escorting you to the buffet, so please remain seated until (name) comes to your table.”
“The bar will remain closed (or open, but this is rare) throughout dinner BUT you are more than welcome to help yourself to the punch and soda.”
“You know folks the only thing we are missing is our bride and grooms first official kiss of the reception….. Let’s here those glasses make some chatter ….
(Have the bride and groom stand up, make sure every glass is ringing and count off 1, 2,3 ….)
By the looks of that kiss, I don’t think our bride and groom would mind you making chatter throughout tonight’s reception!
Once again I’m (name) with (company name)…. sit, back, relax, and enjoy your meal!!!”
During dinner:
If you are running the buffet have fun with the tables don’t be a stick in the mud (Make sure you keep them moving) Regular or Lottery….make sure it’s discussed before hand.)
Check on the bride and groom and see if they need anything (drink, announcement-whatever…)
After everyone’s through buffet fine … then you can eat.
Go up to B&G and let them know of the approaching events and how quickly you would like to get them done. Find best man and maid of honor and inform them of their jobs for bouquet/garter and dollar dance.
Make sure photographer/videographer is informed of approaching events.
Make sure you have consulted with the bride and groom to see if they are ready!!!!
“Ladies and gentlemen….at this time it is time for our newlyweds to cut the wedding cake. You’re more than welcome to grab your camera, and camcorder to take pictures for your memories….”
(cue music…Once couple has the cake cut and ready to feed, count it off for them.. “Here we go Mr. and Mrs. (name)….on the count of 3…1,2,3.”)
“Let’s give our newlyweds a nice round of applause…. the cake will be served shortly folks and coming up in about 15 minutes will be our bride and grooms first dance!!!!”
(When you are ready to start the events consult with B&G and make sure they are ready. Make an announcement for all members of the bridal party to make their way back to the head table. Find mom and Dad(s) and tell them their roles for the events.)
First Dance
“And now ladies and gentlemen we would like to bring out our newlyweds, (Mr. & Mrs. Name), to dance their first dance as husband and wife. Let’s give them a hand.”
(cue music)
“They will be dancing to (Song Name) by (Artist).”
When finished…
“Let’s give our newlyweds a nice hand.”
Bridal Party Dance
“Now joining the bride and groom on the dance floor will be the bridal party for….the bridal party dance….here’s a song picked out for you from the bride and groom ……(Name of Song and Name of Artist)”
(cue music) …
“So at this time if we could have the entire bridal party out on the floor dancing the bridal party dance!!!!”
Another way of doing this is calling the bridal party by couple and having them dance.
“Let’s give the bridal party a big hand for being such good friends to the bride and groom!!!!”
Father/Daughter Dance
“And now we would like to clear the dance floor for everyone except our bride…and (Bride’s name), if you could find your dad, (Announce father’s name, when he’s there continue.) It looks like we are ready for our father/daughter dance”…(pause…cue music) “Here’s a song picked just for you dad…. (Name of Song).
(When done)
“Dad … give your daughter a nice big kiss …… and folks lets give them a nice round of applause….the (Bride’s Family Surname) Family!!!!”
Mother/Son Dance
“Not only are we going to do a Father/Daughter dance…. but a Mother/Son dance as well….so, (Groom’s name), grab your mom, (announce her name), and bring her to the dance floor….(cue music) …. Mom, here’s a special song picked for you from your son…(Song Name.)”
(After) “Mom give your son a nice big kiss….and ladies and gentlemen give the (Groom’s Family Surname) Family a nice round of applause !!!!!!”
“Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the MAIN EVENT…. the bouquet and garter toss. I will need all the single ladies on this side of the dance floor and all of the single men on this side of the dance floor with our bride and groom right here in the center.
(Say this several times making sure you get the bride and groom involved calling people up.)
STEP 1 Garter Removal
“We need our audience here to cheer on our groom as he takes off his wife’s garter … But (Groom’s Name), I need to give you a few words of advice before you proceeded …( cue music)…. You are going into the land of the unknown …. the forbidden territory …. the final frontier…. Be kind and be gentle because if you are not she will let you know for the rest of your married life ……… (cue music)….. Now (Groom’s Name), I think we need a little pre garter removal dance for your new wife…. everyone clap your hands…. let’s go (Groom’s Name)…. “
“Here we go on the count of 3 we will turn you loose…..1…..2…..3…. (cue music)….Let’s give the groom a nice hand….great job (Groom’s Name)!!!!”
STEP 2 Garter Toss
(cue music)
“Now that we have our garter…. let’s toss it to those bachelors…. you ready men? Now we only have one rule for you men in this garter toss…. SOMEONE HAS TO CATCH IT…. Here we go (Groom’s Name)….on the count of 3….audience help me out…. 1…. 2…..3….”
STEP 3 Bouquet Toss
(cue music)
Alright Ladies. … now it’s your turn…. Now ladies, you know the tradition that the lady that catches this bouquet will be the next one married….so there is a lot ridding on this toss…. so listen to the rules…. no biting …. kicking …. pulling hair …. we want a clean contest…. here we go (Bride’s Name) on the count of 3 …. folks help me out….1…………..2……….3…..”
Step 4
“If we could have the lady that caught the bouquet have a seat here in the chair…. and the gentlemen that caught the garter up here as well…. Now do you know each other? …. Well you’re about to become a lot better acquainted…. here are the rules….. for every inch that garter goes above her knee, that’s ten years of good luck for the bride and groom…. What do you say buddy?…. Let’s go for the century mark….Here we go, on the count of 3 we will turn you loose…. folks help me out….1…..2… 3…. (cue music) Let’s give them a nice round of applause for being such good sports….”
Dollar Dance
Make sure everything has been set up 2 or 3 events prior. Explain to the bestman and the maid of honor how you want things arranged.
“Folks…. find your purses and wallets … it’s now time for our dollar dance where you will get your chance to dance with either the bride or groom.”
“Our maid of honor … will be standing here taking the money…. you can give a dollar…. but don’t be afraid to give 2, 5, 10, 20 dollars for our couple…. then you can dance with the bride or groom …. and then see our best man for a good luck shot.” (repeat again)
“Let’s get some people in line and get ready to start our dollar dance…. now maid of honor…. you have 5 songs to get everyone through…. or else you have to give the couple 20 dollars for every song you go over jokingly, but getting the point across)…. ok folks ….. let’s start our dollar dance” (Make sure you count down how man songs are left.)
(When finished) “Let’s have our groom pick up the bride and take her away…let’s give them a big hand!!!!”
Opening the Dance Floor
“Ladies and gentlemen, that is the end of our formal events. Now we would like to open the dancing to everyone. So, husbands grab your wives, boyfriends grab your girlfriends and join the newlyweds on the dance floor for this open slow dance.”

Paul Beardmore
The DJ Connection
Fort Royal, VA
Special notes: When the first person is introduced(normally the brides parents), immediately ask for a round of applause. Sometimes the crowd will forget to clap, creating a dull introduction. In addition, you need to pace your introductions appropriately. You can go too fast or too slow. A good indicator is to listen to the applause; wait for the applause to START to subside, then go to the next person to be introduced. If you pace yourself too fast, you will sound unprofessional and rushed (not to mention making the photographer mad). If you pace yourself too slow, your introduction will be boring. Introduce the wedding party in a professional manner, not like a circus announcer. When you get to the bride and groom, build it up with dynamic enthusiasm.
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please. (repeat if necessary) The bridal party has arrived, and I would like to introduce them to you. But first, I would like to introduce myself; my name is _________ and I’m from The D.J. Connection; I’ll be acting as Master of Ceremonies for the reception this afternoon/evening.”
“First, the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. ________________; let’s hear it for them (always ask for applause after the first introduction).
Next, the grooms parents, Mr. and Mrs._____________________
Next, the ushers and bridesmaids: (announce all ushers and bridesmaids)
The ring bearer, _________ escorting the flower girl,_______________.
The Best Man, ___________escorting the maid/matron of honor, ___________.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege this evening to introduce, Mr. and Mrs.____________________.”
Receiving Line
“Ladies and gentleman, a receiving line has been formed, and I would
like to invite everyone to come up and greet the bride, groom and the entire bridal party…………..thank you”
Toast and Cake Cutting(done together)
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please……… this time, the best man will toast the bride and groom, and then after that, the bride and groom will cut the cake. Please feel free to gather around the caketable for pictures or to get a closer look. I would like to ask everyone to give our professional photographer plenty of room to work………..thank you”
You need to pay attention to the best man (or the person who is giving the toast) and when it seems that he is ready to start the toast, you should announce:
“Ladies and gentleman, the best man is now ready to propose the toast to the bride and groom;……..please give him your un-divided attention…….thank you.”
Once the cake is cut, and the bride and groom have feed one another, encourage the groom to give the bride a nice, gentle kiss.
In the event that the toast and cake cutting are done separately, make the necessary adjustments to your phrasing.
Sit-Down Dinner
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please; at this time, I would like to ask everyone to take their seats, as dinner is about to be served” (Repeat as necessary)
Buffet Dinner (bridal party first)
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please;………the buffet is now open. At this time I would like the bride, groom, and the entire wedding party and parents to serve themselves to the buffet, and the rest of the guests to follow them………..thank you”
You will normally have to repeat this. Make sure that the buffet is ready to be served prior to announcing. In the event that there are table numbers, you should take it upon yourself to announce that the wedding party will be serving themselves to the buffet first, and:
“I will call the rest of the guests by table number.”
You should first observe the number of tables, and usually call two or three tables at a time. It is important to keep the line moving, so you must pay attention.
Buffet Dinner (guests first)
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please;…….the buffet is now open. I would like to invite everyone to go through the buffet line and serve themselves something to eat………….thank you”
See the listing above about excusing the guests by table number, if they are provided.
First Dance
Before starting the first dance, check with the bride and groom to make sure that they are ready for this event. Once you have announced the first dance, you should not start the song until the bride and groom are close to the dance floor and it is obvious that they intend to start dancing right away. Before announcing the first dance, make sure that you cue up the first dance song.
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please…….at this time I would like to call the bride and groom out to the center of the dance floor, so they may share their first dance, as husband and wife”………… lets have a big round of applause for Mr. and Mrs:__________________”
You should ask for a round of applause for the bride and groom twice….once at the beginning of the first dance, and once at the end.
Brides Dance With Father
“Ladies and Gentleman, at this time, I would like to call the bride’s Father out to the dance floor to share a traditional dance with his daughter”
Do not start the song until the bride’s father is close to the dance floor. Just as with the first dance, you should ask for a round of applause twice, once at the beginning and once at the end of the dance.
Groom’s Dance With Mother
“At this time, I would like to call the groom and his mother out to the dance floor so they may share a special dance together……….let’s give the groom and his mother a warm round of applause!”
As with the other dances, don’t start the song until the groom and his mother are close to the dance floor.
Bridal Party/Parents Dance
Sometimes there is only a bridal party dance, in which case you would not call the parents out. In other instances, there is only a parents dance, in which case you would not call the bridal party out. The example listed below assumes that you are having a bridal party and parents dance. You should adjust the phrasing in the event that the bride and groom only want the wedding party, or the parents by themselves.
“At this time, I would like to call the rest of the parents and the entire wedding party out to the dance floor for the bridal party and parents dance”
You will most likely have to repeat your request for the entire bridal party and parents to come out……this is to be expected. You should say:
“Once again, if I could please have the parents and wedding party come out to the dance floor”
Starting The Dancing
“Ladies and gentleman, the dance floor is now open; ………….the bride and groom would like for everyone to join them on the dance floor”
When starting your first uptempo song, re-introduce yourself (talking over the first part of the song) and tell the guests that you are taking danceable requests. The following example should be announced over top of the first up-tempo song:
“It’s time to get this party going,…….once again my name is ______ and I’ll be taking danceable requests throughout the afternoon/evening. The bride and groom really want to see everyone get out on the dance floor, so come on out!!”
Dollar Dance
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please……….at this time, we’d like to give everyone a chance to dance with the bride and groom by having a dollar dance. For those of you who do not know what a dollar dance is, I’ll be happy to explain how this works…………we would like to invite the ladies to form a line to dance with the groom, and the gentleman to form a line to dance with the bride. The Best Man and The Maid of Honor will be at the front of each line to collect your donation to dance with the bride and groom. Your donation can be one dollar, 5 dollars, 20 dollars, or whatever you would like to donate to the bride and groom for extra spending money for their honeymoon. This will give everyone a chance to say hello to the bride and groom, so I would like to encourage everyone to come out and participate.”
It is often very difficult to get people out of their chairs to participate in a dollar dance. This event requires that you continually “drum it up”. This includes repeating yourself when you initially call everyone out, and even after you start the music, you will need to talk over the music and say:
“Once again, ladies and gentleman, our dollar dance is underway, and we still have a lot of people who are in their seats………don’t miss your opportunity to dance with the bride and groom.”
Bouquet/Garter Toss
Once you have checked with the bride and groom and determined that you are ready to do the bouquet and garter toss, check with the photographer to ensure that he/she is ready for this event. Prior to announcing this event, you should cue up all specialty songs you plan to use. You should also have a classic slow song to go back to dancing immediately upon completion of the event.
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please……….at this time I would like all of the single ladies in the audience to come forward, as the bride is ready to toss the bouquet…………………….once again, we need all of the single ladies to come forward;………………..don’t be shy ladies………..”
You will probably have to repeat this several times…… can ask the bride to call by name any single ladies who haven’t come out, and then call those single girls by name who have not come forward. Once you have called the single ladies out, confer with the bride and tell her not to throw the bouquet until you give her a count of three. Also warn her if the ceiling is low, or if there is a chandelier in the way. You should also ask the photographer if he wants to do a fake toss, or just photograph the real thing.
“Allllriiiight!!! let’s toss the bouquet on the count of three!
One!, Two!, Threeeee!!!”
When giving the countdown, you should be enthusiastic and exciting.
The Garter Routine
After the bouquet toss, get the name of the lady who caught the bouquet (assuming that the guy who catches the garter is to place it on the lady who caught the bouquet).
“At this time, I would like to call all of the single gentleman in the crowd to come out to the dance floor as the groom is about to remove the garter………
Once again, we need all of the single guys in the audience to come forward.”
Have the groom scan the room and find any single guys who are “hiding”, and call these people out by name. You can have a little fun with this. You can announce over the mic :
“We will call you by name if you don’t come forward, so make it easy on yourself”
Confer with the groom, and instruct him not to remove the garter until you tell him to do so. Begin music and announce:
“Lets give the bride and groom a little “mood music”!
Once the groom has removed the garter, tell him not to throw it until you give him a three-count (you can do this when you initially confer with him).
“All right!!, lets toss the garter on the count of three………………..
One!, Two!, Threeeeeee!!!!
Placing The Garter on The Girl Who Caught The Bouquet
Advise the guy (you should get his name) who caught the garter to stay on the dance floor.
“At this time, I would like the young lady who caught the bouquet to come forward………”
Have the girl who caught the bouquet take a seat. You can use the groomsman in the same manner that you did with the bride, as long as you feel that the personalities involved are appropriate. Tell the guy that caught the garter not to start until you tell him to. Cue up your music. Once everyone is in place, explain the following:
“Ladies and gentleman, I proudly introduce to you our participants, ___________ and ______________!!! Ladies and gentleman, we have a tradition here at The DJ Connection……………(pause)……….Our tradition is that for every inch above the knee that this gentleman places the garter, is seven years of good luck for the bride and groom……….pause……Now we all want the bride and groom to have a long and happy marriage, don’t we?”
“There’s one small catch to this tradition, so listen up!………we’re not going to allow (Name of guy who caught the garter) to decide how fare above the knee to place the garter. We want you, the audience to clap, cheer, and make as much noise as possible until you think that he has placed the garter high enough…………..and when he does, you can stop.”
(Start your music here.)
“Alllllllllrightttttttt!!!!!! Lets hear plenty of noise from everyone!!
You will probably have to ask for more noise a few more times. Once it is over, you should announce:
“I think the bride and groom will have 150 years of good luck!!!! Let’s have a round of applause for our participants!!!!”
Bride and Groom’s Last Dance
“Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please…………at this time, I would like to call the bride and groom out to the dance floor so they may share the last dance before leaving the reception. I would also like to have everyone come out to the dance floor and form a circle around the bride and groom. Once again, I would like all of the guests to come forward to the dance floor to give the bride and groom a great send-off!!!”
“Ladies and gentleman, I still see a lot of people in their chairs, I would like
to ask everyone to please come forward for the bride and groom’s last dance”.
Having everyone form a circle around the bride and groom for their last dance is an excellent way to end the reception on a positive note, even with those receptions that have very little dancing!!! It creates a very warm and positive atmosphere, and makes you, the DJ look very professional. It should be emphasized, that you will have to request that the guests come out and form a circle a few times. You usually need to drum this one up!! Be patient!! Don’t start the song for the last dance until you have most of the guests out on the dance floor, and formed in a circle.
At the beginning of the last dance, and again at the end of the song, you should announce:
“Let’s have a big round of applause for Mr. and Mrs._______________!!!

Kenny Zail
Party Hits Entertainment
Atlanta, GA
This is directed at the newer DJ that is about to do a wedding.The first thing to do is make sure you have “control” of the reception. Let the guests know that you are going to conducting the events this evening.
I have found that it takes 5-7 words before you will get the attention of the audience, so you need to start off each announcement slowly and have some kind of intro before you get to the vital information that you want to relay to the audience.
I like to have my first announcement before the bridal arrives and set the tone to the guests, for example:
“Good evening everyone, welcome to the (name of venue), my name is _____, I will be your emcee for the (Surnames of Bride & Groom) reception. I’ve been informed that the bridal party are on their way… the meantime, sample the appetizers and have a beverage. I will be getting back to you in a few minutes.
This sends a signal that I will have information to relay and that you should quiet down when you hear my voice.
Let me say this at the beginning……….The bride and groom pay a lot of money for my services and most expect an elegant reception with lots of energy, so I don’t do anything funny or hokey or crazy unless the bride or groom have specifically ask for me to do so.
When the bridal party arrives, I first check to see if they are all there. I go over their name pronunciations [even though I have gotten the names from the bride or groom, I find sometimes even the bride or groom doesn’t know the correct pronunciation]. I now line them up in order and tell them where they should walk [dance floor, head table, etc.] I don’t take their coats or get them a drink or anything like that. Everything being ready…I like to play a timpani roll and say something like this:
“Ladies & gentlemen, I would like for you to direct your attention to the (staircase, front doors etc.)……it is my pleasure to introduce to you the bridal party.”
I will then announce them in, with a song like Alan Parson Projects’ ‘Sirius.’
If there is a blessing I would give everyone a moment to settle down and say this:
“Attention everyone…(pause)…before we get started with the festivities tonight, I want to introduce (Name of Preacher/Priest/Person) to say a few words……….(Title, i.e. Father)…..”
Always do pauses, long pauses if necessary it tends to get the guests to quiet down.
If there is a toast to do next:
” If everyone will get their glasses ready for the toast………let me introduce (the bestman, maid of honor, etc.) [Name of Person].
After the toast, if it is done at the beginning of the reception, it is on to the food.
If it is a “seated buffet”, where the guests are seated at tables waiting for a signal to get in line, you might suggest to the bride and groom, that you call out table numbers to alleviate long lines at the food stations. Especially if there are a number of tables, say over 10. (This suggestion should be brought up at one of your consultations with the couple before the wedding day.)
Here you can have some fun with deciding when what table is going to get in line. Use your creativity to come up with ideas to decide on the tables to go next.
For example:
At what table is the longest married couple?
At what table is the person with the next birthday?
The table with the youngest member of the Porter Family.
What table has the hands in their laps and sitting up straight?
Use a bingo machine and call out numbers!
The first table to know the name of the bride’s high school, etc.
Use trivia questions.
The simplest, is to just say “tables #2 & #14 are next”.
It is important to write down what tables have gotten in line so you don’t lose track of what tables are left.
If the buffet is not formally seated, meaning guests can sit where ever they choose, all you need to do is announce the buffet is open and play background music. You will lose their attention for a while, and you need to have a plan on how you are going to regain control. If the bride & groom have not done their first dance yet, there is where you will gain everyone’s attention again. If all those kind of dances are done, use your creativity again. You can always use the bride & groom or the parents of the bridal couple to gain attention of the guests. The guests will always follow the lead of the bride & groom.
For example:
“Don & Jenny have asked that everyone come out to the dance floor at this time”….(long pause),
[make sure the Don & Jenny are coming out to the floor]…now you can do
A conga line
A new line dance
A “anniversary dance” (couples married less than 5 years, 10, 15 etc.)
Just a good dance song
If this is a “sit-down dinner”, this is where the guests remain seated and the food is served to them, you can do many things. Don’t let this time go to waste and just play dinner music. This is where you can “sew the seeds” of a great party.
For example:
Go to each table introduce yourself and ask for requests
Create a skit by passing out “new” song lyrics to a familiar song i.e. “On the first day of marriage my true love gave to me……Pass out copies, one verse to each table and conduct the show.
Guests at a table need to come to the dance floor and sing a song with “love” in the lyrics for the bride & groom to kiss.
Couples at tables “perform a kiss” and the bride & groom have to imitate the kiss.
It is important to remember not to force something that doesn’t look like it is going to work. Do not do something that will embarrass someone. And always get permission from the bride or groom first.
Now the food has been eaten. If it has been OK’d by the bride and groom, you can do the cake cutting now which will again get the attention of all the guests and put you back in control. As the bride and groom move to the cake, mention to the guests this would be a good time bring out their cameras. Tell the guests to give the professional photographer the right of way of course. As the photographer is directing the bride and groom, you might recite the origin of the cake cutting tradition to the guests.
Opening the Dance Floor
The dancing is ready to begin, I find that a ballad works well to get the couples on the floor and suggests to the older guests that you are not going to blast them out of the reception. Invite the guests to the dance floor with a statement like:
“Gentleman, the bride and groom have asked that you bring your favorite partner to the dance floor at this time.”
If this song works well, and the dance floor is full, play one more slow song, to accommodate the guests that just got on the floor, and to keep the momentum going.
After this, you should have 3-4 fast songs ready to choose from. All should be big hits, don’t chance this moment with anything that won’t be a favorite. Look at your dance floor…do you have mostly an over 40 crowd? Do you have mostly the bridal party and close friends of bride and groom? Have you got a big variety on the floor dance? You need a different song for each of these situations.
Bouquet & Garter Toss
Now it is time for the bouquet and possibly the garter toss. Ask the photographer which they want to do first, (this and the cake cutting are two major events that the photographer will want to conduct, remember the bride and groom hired them too). Let the photographer know this is coming two songs ahead.
There are many things that can be done at this time, what is next are the most standard ways to handle the bouquet and garter. Keep in mind that, in general, the higher end weddings will want less rather than more, avoid embarrassing anyone, or doing anything that, for lack of a better word, is “cheesy”. To go up the ladder of weddings, you need to conduct yourself as if you are already there.
Start with a song that works well for announcing…Begin with an announcement like:
“Ladies and Gentlemen: It is time for the bouquet and garter, let’s have all the single gentlemen on the dance floor.”
Having your special songs for the bouquet and garter prerecorded in order helps in this situation because the changes happen quickly and you need to be prepared.
Now you want to have a chair on the dance floor. Ask for the bride to sit down and the groom to kneel in front of her. Begin a new song for taking off the garter. As soon as the garter has been removed say something like this,( before the groom can toss the garter prematurely. )
“Don we’re going to throw the garter on the count of three, but first, Jenny I suggest you move…these guys look like there desperate, and can we get the chair removed to avoid any blood on the dance floor.
Photographers… are you ready
(You don’t want to do it twice…Play a drum roll.)
Comment on what a good catch or” if it touched you, you own it”.
Play another song for the single women.
“It’s time for the bouquet toss, let’s have all the single ladies on the dance floor.
Photographers are you ready…
(Play the drum roll)
If there is more dancing after the bouquet and garter, once the crowd settles down have a favorite song ready to play, generally a song to please the bridal party since they will probably be the ones who were involved it catching the bouquet and garter.
The Party’s Over…
The last song of the reception can be fast or slow, it will depend on your style. Before the song is ending make that final announcement the give the bride and groom a round of applause. Use something like this:
“Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear it one more time for our bride and groom, Don & Jenny, the new Mr. & Mrs. (Name)…..”
Thank everyone for helping you make this a great reception. (You can’t do anything without their help).
At the end of the reception there may be a send off, when the bride and groom will wait until all the guests have made a walkway for the bride and groom to walk through. This is when the bubbles, birdseed, butterflies, etc. are brought out and given to the guests as a final salute to the bride and groom.
Make the announcement where the guests need to line up, who has the “bubbles” and for everyone to bring their cameras etc.

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