Flipbooks – FLIP or FLOP?

October 6, 2017 by Trevor West

Ever done a Flipbook? Do you even know what a flipbook is?

Basically, a flipbook is a series of smaller pictures taken in a certain order and then stapled together and when you flip through them, they look like the pictures are moving. It can be a great add-on to your photobooth business but before you start offering it, let me tell you a few things that I’ve ran into when offering this up-sell. First and foremost, it is a labor intensive endeavor, which means you’re going to need some help. 1 person cannot do this all by themselves, I found that it takes at least 3 people to do a flipbook session. 1 person to run the booth, 2 people to separate, collate, and staple the books. Second, you need at least 2 fast printers, a cutting board, heavy-duty stapler, book binding material, and a good pair of shoes. You and your staff are going to do a lot of standing and bending over a table so be prepared. Also, your going to have to work really fast, my team was able to get about 40 books per hour, the faster you go, the better you get at it.

Next, setup your software to take a quick 6 second video, that way it will print out at least 24 prints which should be more than enough for most clients. The person running the booth needs to be aware if the others are bogged down a bit, so give them time to catch up.

Third, you are going to go through a lot of paper and ink in your printer so make sure you have plenty on hand, figure 7 4×6 prints will make 28 smaller pictures per book so if your printer only holds a roll of 200-400 prints, you’re going to go through a lot real fast. I use the DNP RX-1 printers, the paper rolls can do 700 prints of 4×6 so it takes awhile before i run out of paper and ink.

Next, get your team together before the event so that you can practice, that way you get your procedures done right and you’ll figure out how long it will take you to do each book, what we told guests is that they will be ready soon and to come back and check the basket for your book. Key Note, be fast but be accurate, guests don’t mind waiting or coming back as long as you tell them ahead of time that it takes a few minutes to assemble each book.

Software – I used the flipbook software by Breeze but be aware, it only supports canon cameras, but you can also do green screen with it so that might be a great up-sell as well.

Lastly, Price – figure at least $1500-$2000, when your clients ask why so much, be upfront with them and explain all the issues and they’ll understand, thankfully we don’t book this very often but at least we know all the trials and tribulations that go into running one. final advice I can give is practice and preparation are the key to a successful flipbook event.

so if you do get asked about offering one, please drop me a line and i’ll gladly give you some advice on how to setup and run yours.

Happy DJing


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