Finite Part 1

October 2, 2018 by Mitch Taylor

Finite, Time, Life, Mobile Beat, Mitch Taylor, Taylored SalesIf you think about that word finite what does that mean? For some it may mean small, for others it may mean limited.  In the context of being a DJ at an event, we have a finite amount of time. For some it may be four hours, others could be 8 hours or more, but your time is finite.  Each song you play is a piece of the puzzle. Don’t just sit there and throw out the same playlist at each event. Your client may say “Oh well, we don’t care…just play whatever…you’re the expert.”  That last statement is good for your ego but not for the success of their event. Wait a minute, but what if it was good advice?

Let’s look at you for a moment.  Think back on your life. It’s been said that music can take you back to a memory. What are some of the songs that provide a smile on your face?  What song takes you back somewhere special? What genre of music did you grow up listening to? Which artists that your parents listened to influenced your likes and dislikes of music the most? Now ask yourself this question, what year(s) did those memories take place?   For many of us, they most likely took place in our formative years…typically age 8-18 and sometimes also extending into adulthood (college). We’ll dig deeper in this topic and why it matters with next week’s article.


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