Finding A Record Pool: Promo Only

July 26, 2017 by Eric Rhodes

In this series of weekly articles, I take a look at some of the more popular record pools, or music pools, available to DJs. There are plenty to choose from. Knowing the different features and personality types of each pool will help you decide where to get your music.

This week’s pool is Promo Only. Check it out:

(Note: I am not an employee of, or getting paid by Promo Only or any other pool service that I review. I am simply a professional DJ giving an honest and positive assessment of these companies with the goal of helping out my peers. Also, I’m not a VJ, so I don’t dive too deep into that aspect of these services, but will definitely mention if a particular pool offers video services.)

About Promo Only

Promo Only has been a music subscription service since 1992. They offer promotional music & music videos via CD, DVD, mp3 digital downloads and HD music videos digital downloads. They are one of the long time leaders in the promotional music business. They’re pretty much a staple in our industry. Some of their big clients include Walt Disney World, MTV and Hard Rock Café.

Music Library

What stands out to me is the wide variety and large amount of music Promo Only provides every month. Many come with DJ Intro Edits, Quick Edits, Explicit/Clean Versions & Remixes. The genres they cover include:

Top 40 | Urban | Dance | Rock | Country | Christian | Latin | Electronic Dance

Each of these categories has sub-categories as well. For example, “Latin” includes Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton and more. “Electronic Dance” includes Top 40 Dance Remixes, House, Future House and more. With Promo Only you’re getting access to all of the latest releases from nearly every genre out there. This is perfect for the mobile DJ who plays for diverse crowds on a weekly basis.

Promo Only also has a series of past hits dating back to the 70s. They’re hand selected and include DJ friendly Intro Edits. They’re not part of the subscription, but you can buy each series at a reasonable price.

The one thing that Promo Only doesn’t offer is their own team of DJ remixers who put their own spin on certain tracks. That’s okay though. The amount of great music you have easy access to is worth it alone. If you’re looking for a plethora of unique club remixes and mash-ups, I would recommend combining Promo Only’s service with another one like Club Killers, DJ City or Direct Music Service.

Other Features

A great feature that Promo Only offers is their digital download app called “POOL Player.”

Promo Only POOL Player - DJ Eric Rhodes

With the POOL Player you can see all of the music available to you. You can sample the songs then download them individually to your hard drive or batch them by releases. If you’re like me and want to have it all, you can download everything at once then check in daily or weekly to see the latest releases then download those. It’s a very handy tool that really enhances this service.

Promo Only also offers video services as well. I don’t mix music videos, so won’t speak on that, but just like the music service, you can get access to many genres on a regular basis.


Promo Only’s pricing starts out at $12 per month (for single genre plans) and goes up to $100 per month (for everything music and video). I recommend going with a plan that includes several genres. The Audio Silver ($40) and Audio Gold ($50) are an excellent deal for the hundreds of songs you get access to every month. Head to their pricing page for more info.


Overall, it’s obvious that Promo Only has been at the top of this game for a while. With their vast library of legal, multi-genre music and their easy-to-use download manager, you can’t wrong with their services.

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