Every Waffle Needs Syrup

June 26, 2019 by Jay Maxwell

One of my favorite breakfast treats is a waffle. When I order breakfast at a restaurant, I often order waffles. If there isn’t syrup on the table, the server will usually ask what flavor I’d like. It would be
silly for me to order just syrup, but a waffle without syrup is downright bland. It’s the syrup, sometimes maple, perhaps raspberry, or my favorite, blueberry, that brings the waffle to a higher level of enjoyment. Taste buds rejoice when the sweetness of the syrup embraces the tongue.

The child in me resurfaces when I pour the syrup on the waffle, because I always ensure that every square indentation of the batter receives its fair share of the liquid flavoring. Before taking the first bite of the waffle, I confirm that the syrup has filled and penetrated each tiny pocket of the doughy disc.

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