DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Switch The Parents Seats To The Other Side.

February 14, 2019 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute. Here we go, I’m at a wedding. I’m up here where the wedding will take place. So as you know, looking out, this is the groom’s side, that’s the bride’s side. We’re going to switch that today. We’re going to have the bride’s parents sit here on what would be my left side and the groom’s parents sit here on what would be my right side. Why? Because that way the groom’s parents will see the groom, the bride’s parents will see the bride. Try this at your next wedding. Tips in under a minute, bringing you redoing the wedding setup. So again, put the bride’s parents at the front of the groom’s section and the groom’s parents at the front of the bride’s section. You end up with the fact that now they’re looking at the face of their loved ones and not at their backs. So we’re going to try it today. I just heard about it from someone last night and I spoke with Jim Harmon here at the Park Manor Suites, top of the park, and he said he’s done it, so I’m stoked. So hand that off to your next wedding, see what they say, under a minute.


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