DJ Tips In Under A Minute Class Time With DJ Hapa And Serato DJ

June 27, 2019 by DJ Jay

All right. Quick DJ tips. I get this a lot, where can I go to learn more about Serato DJ? And of course, you have the Serato website with their forms, you have some of my videos and other videos, but my boy, DJ Hapa here at Skratch DJ Academy in L.A. has a four-part series right now that you can sign up for on learning Serato DJ. It’s got everything from introduction to stuff a little bit more involved and it looks really cool. I know a lot of people are always asking, where can I go, where can I learn more, where can I buy something or get in a program? And Skratch DJ Academy here with my boy Hapa is a great place to look and a great place to start. So I’ll put the URL down here, give you a little link, but seriously a great way to get going with Serato DJ outside of just the tutorial videos that myself and other people have. So in under one minute.

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