DJ Tips In Under A Minute: A Great Ring Recomendation

June 13, 2019 by DJ Jay

DJ tips in under a minute. We as DJs are asked to impart our professionalism, advice and knowledge of what goes on in weddings and this is something that just came across my desk.
This is a company, Qalo, Q-a-l-o. That’s and they sell medical grade silicone rings and these are for athletes, people running around outdoors, people who have a job where a precious metal ring may bother them, but more importantly, let’s say somebody’s an electrician and that ring makes contact with electricity and they get killed. So you don’t want that. Also, people that work with heavy machinery, tools, equipment that could catch the ring and rip a finger off. So next time you get a client, especially if they’re in a trade, just say, for a wedding band, you may want to consider this place. They’re super not expensive, they seem to be really good quality and they come with a guarantee. So Q-a-l-o, wedding rings made of silicone, in under a minute.

DJ Tips in under a minute: a great ring recomendation

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