DJ SEO Tip: Your DJ Website Has 8 Seconds To Perform

September 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

Whether a bride or groom, a high school committee, a class reunion committee or any other potential client visits your website, what do they think about your company when visiting your website?  No matter what DJ services you offer, you have 8 seconds! Continue reading to know a few facts on how to optimize your website to better capture leads.

The average human attention span is 8 seconds.  Even quicker than 8 seconds, studies show that websites must load in 3 seconds or less or the average person will leave your website without ever seeing any content.  

How fast does your website load?  Check on the Google PageSpeed Insights.

So, what do you need to know about the remaining 5 seconds?

Here are a few Conversion Optimization Tips to capture your potential customer

Clients want to have fun and don’t want the exact same event as everyone else.  What sets you apart and makes you different? What is your USP – Unique Selling Proposition?  Know it and tell the story on your website.

For reference, a lead is the same as a conversion.  A conversion could be a phone call, text message, message through Messenger, and form completion made through the website.

When a potential client is visiting your website, there are 2 factors you must present to them:

  1. 1. What are the benefits of hiring your company?
  2. 2. A call-to-action.  What do you want the visitor to do?  This is the only way to obtain a lead/conversion.

If you do not give a visitor a roadmap of what to do, they will just quickly review and leave or wander aimlessly on your website.  Give them a specific task when visiting your website including:

  • * Offer a button to complete a quote request form or the form itself.
  • * Click on the chat/messenger button to send you a message
  • * Click on the click-to-call button to receive a phone call on your phone or simply dial your number.
  • * Click on the click-to-text button to send a text message to you.
  • * Download an informational PDF or eBook (ask for their contact info to follow-up).

Does the visitor know you are a DJ and what type of DJ you are?  Are you a radio DJ, club DJ, wedding DJ, etc.?

From the information presented above the fold (what is initially shown on the screen without scrolling), does the visitor know you are a mobile DJ service?  Do you offer music entertainment they are in search to hire? There should absolutely be no guessing game on who you are and what you do. Look at the example below and you will immediately know they are a DJ entertainment company for 3 specific events.  (Side Note: People remember in 3’s.)


Do you perform the type of event that I am looking to hire a DJ for?  

Ever hear the quote… “A jack of all trades is a master of none”? I challenge you to specialize in specific events.  There’s no way one person can be a specialist at all events. DJ’n weddings are not the same as DJ’n quiencierras, which are not the same as corporate Christmas parties, which are not the same as high school dances.

Have a call to action of something you want website visitors to do.  

Give them something to do! Do you want them to call you, text you, complete a contact form, send you a chat message, or complete a form by entering their email to download your “Hiring a DJ Tips” PDF?  If visitors don’t have something to do, they will wander around aimlessly. As you can see from the example below, the “Request A Quote” buttons really stand out.

Along with the idea of the call-to-action, make your contact information readily available.  Do not hide your phone number and address in the footer or only on the contact page. Have the phone number in the header where everyone can easily find it.

Another pet peeve of mine is that some companies decide not to put their address on their website.  Yes, I realize you may be a home-based business. However, this only gives your company credibility and legitimacy.  How do I know you are located in my COUNTRY without an address? Any company can buy local phone numbers.

Social proof is great.  Showing off your performances on Facebook, Instagram and the like is awesome.  However, keep in mind that if they go to your social profiles from your website, they are no longer on your website!  I recommend having them on your website but don’t make a focal point. If you do link to your social profile, verify that when a visitor clicks on the link, it opens in a new window to keep your website window open.

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to offer trust to your potential customers.  However, if you do have reviews, studies show that you must have a minimum of 7 reviews in order for potential customers see the reviews as legitimate.  As you can see from the below DJ website, they installed the WeddingWire reviews widget on their page.

If a potential customer is searching for DJs for their next event on their smartphone and check out your site on their mobile device and they go home and take a look at your website on their laptop with their future spouse, you must have a consistent design between both devices as to not to confuse your customers.  Test your website on all devices!  Does your website have a click-to-call feature to direct dial your business on mobile phones?

UX, aka User Experience, is a vital aspect of your website.  Clean, consistent design with easy navigation.  Modern design means that you are up with the times and can keep up with technology and current trends.  Can visitors easily navigate through your website using the main menu? Does your website have a modern design and reflect the fun your potential clients want to have?  My suggestion is to sit down with potential clients and get their feedback on your website. There is nothing better than face-to-face feedback from your target customer.

Crazy as it may sound, make sure your copyright year is the current year!  If your copyright year is 2014, who’s to say you are still in business today.

Along the same lines, keep your content current.  If you have not posted to your blog in 6 months, I would suggest removing the blog from your main navigation.  The reverse of that is if you are blogging once a week and detailing recent events you have DJ’d at, this shows you are an active DJ business and care about your events.  What impression are you giving if there is no blog post for a year or more? Don’t give your potential customers an option to see your writing burnout. How likely is a potential customer to hire the below DJ that has their last post dated April 2016 when it is now September 2018?

Try and answer pain point questions that customers have about hiring a DJ.  Put their minds at ease. Don’t answer questions customers already expect from you like great customer service, signed contracts, professional equipment.  Rather address pain points such as:

  • * Will the DJ get everybody out of their seats and on the dance floor?
  • * Does the DJ company have video examples of past events similar to my event of people having fun?
  • * Does the DJ company have a master of ceremonies to coordinate the wedding day events and stay on schedule?

What does it cost to hire your DJ company?  Customers have a budget.  Don’t waste your time and their time.  Offer 3 different packages. Basic, Standard, and All-Inclusive.  People always tend to pick the middle of the road package. Here is an example of a DJ company showing pricing and packages.

Finally, have trust factors on your website besides reviews and testimonials.  Credibility is important to clients. Showcase awards received (like Wedding Wire and the Knot annual awards), Associations (like ADJA and NAME), Business certifications like BBB and Chamber of Commerce, and more.  The mobile disc jockey industry is commonly filled with people that don’t take the DJ industry seriously. Show your professionalism by displaying your DJ association memberships, Chamber of Commerce memberships, show your BBB rating, and other membership organization logos.  Below is an example of awards received.

In conclusion, your website is your brand and an extension of you.  If your potential clients meet your website on the street corner, would they hire you?

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