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0113 248 9994

1-5 Felnex Square, Leeds, UK, LS9 0ST

At home, on the road and in the club – audio equipment has a tough life. Liquid, dust and accidental impact can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage at any given moment. Audio hardware is fragile and expensive to replace, one misplaced drink can bring a whole system to its knees, causing untold stress.

Our quest is to redress the balance and protect gear from these adverse conditions. We manufacture simple but durable covers that fit like a glove, encasing all controls and components whilst making allowances for cables. Our products are road-tested to the hilt – Decksaver covers are tough, reliable and flawlessly finished to the very highest of standards.

Drawing on 45 years experience in plastics manufacturing, design engineering and innovation, we use the latest polycarbonate technology, utilised in bullet-proof glass manufacture, to create the Decksaver range. Our products are indispensable and tailor-made for your setup – providing the perfect fit and protecting like armour, preserving the life-span of your equipment.Trusted by professionals worldwide – Manufactured in the UK.

Decksaver – We’ve got it covered.

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