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August 29, 2012 by Kate and Nick Storey

When it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool, most DJs are failing miserably.

56% of Facebook pages have less than 256 fans, and the pages of most DJ businesses aren’t even close to that number. Since only 17% of your fans actually see your posts, the efforts of most businesses on Facebook are almost worthless. (Stats reported by

It’s easy to blame the over-hyped social media and fickle brides for this lack of success, but here’s the truth: your brides are on Facebook. At last check, there are over 1,459,740 engaged females aged 21-32 on Facebook in the US alone, and the average user spends 55 minutes on Facebook. Yet most wedding vendors get ZERO leads from it.

The key to attracting brides and booking weddings with Facebook lies in finding those brides, getting their attention, and turning them into real leads you can follow up with. In order to get wedding leads from Facebook, you must first get brides onto your Facebook page, and from there into your sales funnel. (That’s a fancy word for the process you use to turn a lead into a booked gig.)


Where are the brides in your local market spending their Facebook time? What pages and groups are they fans and members of?

Likely hot spots for local brides on Facebook are the popular pages of other local wedding vendors. They also typically “like” the Facebook pages of wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes.

Be sure you “like” these pages as your Facebook business page, and become a valuable member of the community by asking questions and contributing resources. If they like what you have to say, brides will click through to your page and “like” you.

Make friends (real friends, not just the Facebook kind) with local wedding vendors who have a sizeable following of brides on Facebook. Get them to introduce you and recommend your page to their fan base.

You can also target a Facebook ad campaign by gender, zip code, relationship status (hint: engaged) and even the pages she “likes,” guaranteeing that your ads show up only on the Facebook walls of the brides you want to book.

Step 2: Give brides an incentive to like your page


When a bride finally lands on your Facebook page, you need her to “like” it so that you can continue to communicate with her, and for that, you must give her a good reason.

Offer special access, discounts or free goodies that won’t be available anywhere else. Facebook allows you to create tabs and photo albums that are only accessible to people who “like” your page. We call this incentive a “Bride Bribe.” A few things brides can’t resist: real weddings, unique wedding ideas and how-to advice. You don’t have to make this up yourself; you can collect and share other people’s content. Whatever you do, make sure you give brides a real, compelling reason to “like” and pay attention to you.


You know those cute little email forms you see on websites inviting you to enter your name and email to get something cool and free? You can add them to your Facebook page too. Services like Pagemodo make adding a custom tab to your page easy, or you can use the free Static HTML iframe application.

Here’s how it works: A bride lands on your Facebook page, then enters her name and email into the form to get a cool freebie. Now you have permission to follow up with her as a bonafide lead.


Don’t jump onto someone else’s page and promote yourself. It drives brides away and alienates potential partners. Don’t try to sell brides on your Facebook page. Use your page as a tool to attract brides, and do your selling in your follow up and on your website. Make sure your Bride Bribe is really something a bride wants. If she doesn’t think it’s valuable, it doesn’t matter how cool you think it is, she’s not going to give you her email to get it.


It’s not enough to get a bunch of brides to like your page; that’s just a popularity contest. The real value of Facebook marketing lies in turning those “fans” into real leads you can follow up with and book. You need a strategy geared towards measurable results. Follow the steps outlined above to set up a process for capturing those fans and turning them into booked weddings—then Facebook can become a constant stream of leads for your business.


Stephanie Padovani is a Hudson Valley, NY wedding blogger, writer and wedding business coach who has owned a successful wedding entertainment company with her husband since 2000. They started Book More Brides to help wedding professionals build thriving wedding businesses…without fighting about price or wasting money on expensive advertising that doesn’t work. Visit to get more wedding business marketing tips.

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