Are Smartphone DJ Apps Any Good?

January 25, 2018 by Mobile Beat

martphones have come a long way since Apple first presented its revolutionary iPhone a decade ago. Since then, not only has their hardware improved significantly but the variety of software and services has also grown at an unprecedented pace. Today, Steve Jobs’ famous motto “There’s an App for That” is the guiding light for developers. Just as Vegas Palms mobile gaming makes use of modern smartphone technology for superior experiences, other areas are extensively covered by lightweight yet fully functional pieces of software that run great on the go. Yes, including apps for DJs. But are they any good on their own?

As you might expect, the answer to this question is “depends”. It is obvious that no smartphone app will ever be able to replace the full geat of a DJ or a producer because it simply lacks the necessary screen size. Even tablet computers are pretty small compared to a computer screen, not to mention an actual studio. Serious mixing is impossible on a portable device – most importantly because smartphones are simply not built for any true work to be done on them. Smartphones are perfect for entertainment and social media but they are not very helpful when things get serious. Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are both full of so-called DJ mixing apps and many of them are a lot of fun to use but most of them are far from being even remotely professional.

There are, of course, many serious DJ apps available for smartphones and tablets, especially for Apple’s devices, meant to offer DJs additional controls for their gear or a simpler way to control them remotely. Serato Remote and Serato Remote Mini are apps built to remotely control Serato’s Scratch Live and Serato DJ. The app can connect to the software running on the laptop via WiFi or USB and can control features like Play, Sync, Quantize and Cue Point Name Display.

Traktor for iOS is the one mobile app that is close to what its desktop counterpart can do. It is a simplified DJ mixing application that allows its users to create mixes within seconds and manipulate waveforms on iOS devices like the iPhone and the iPad. It comes with auto tempo detection, iTunes syncing, a two-channel mixer and two virtual desks, each with a dedicated EQ and filters, as well as a collection of effects to use. The software is available both on iPad, making use of its larger screen, and on iPhone, which is simpler and easier to use. It can be used with a variety of accessories for an almost professional experience.

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