3 Wedding Blogs You Should Be Reading

December 20, 2014 by Staci Nichols

WedBlogsI know, I know… like you’re not busy enough downloading new music, dealing with clients and coordinators, figuring out why that one button on your mixer isn’t doing what it is supposed to do, etc, etc… Now I’m going to suggest squeezing in a few extra minutes per week to keep up with wedding blogs. Sigh!

To start, over 90% of wedding blog readers are female. Since (and I’m guessing here), about 90% of wedding DJs are not female, wedding blogs are a great place to get in touch with your Venus side. You have no idea how much this sentence will help you during sales meetings: “I just read about that the other day on Rustic Wedding Chic…” Do you think other DJs in your market are dropping that phrase often? Don’t just name-drop, but actually learn new tricks, get inspired, and discover valuable marketing material.

Offbeat Bride

I can’t say enough good things about Offbeat Bride. They focus on practical wedding advice, real-world information (ie, how to pee unassisted while wearing a wedding dress), and, as they call it, “wedding porn”—beautiful wedding photography.

So you don’t have blue hair and an eyebrow ring? No worries. Offbeat Bride is for couples that don’t want to have a cookie cutter wedding experience and may not fit into the traditional demographic other blogs target (such as same-sex couples, interracial couples, older couples, couples who already have children, and—yes—blue-haired couples.)

I also appreciate that I can subscribe to Offbeat Bride via email (no RSS required) and have it delivered straight to my inbox. Be sure to sign up for their brand-spankin’ new segment “Offbeat Industry,” about which Ariel Stallings, the blog’s founder, spoke at the 2014 Wedding MBA.

HuffPost Weddings

The wedding blog on Huffington Post is the best of both worlds because they invite top wedding bloggers from around the industry to regularly contribute. So you can read all of the wedding blog superstars in one place—can’t beat that. Regular contributors include Offbeat Bride, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Style Me Pretty. Plus, lots of other top-notch bloggers make guest contributions.

Style Me Pretty

SMP needs no introduction. They set the bar that virtually every other wedding blog seeks to replicate. Business Insider refers to SMP as “a wedding blog that brides are obsessed with.” They have 1.4 million visitors a month to prove it. Despite this, most readers have a love-hate relationship with SMP in the same way they do with Pinterest. They feel pressured by the unrealistically high standards they see on SMP, yet can’t stop reading.

Referring to itself as “the ultimate wedding blog,” SMP will only allow approved companies to advertise with them. Mine didn’t make the cut!

Wedding Blog Readers Are Ideal Clients

• Wedding Chicks reports that 70% of their readers have higher education and 1/3 make over $100,000/year.

• Rock N Roll Bride reports that 25% of readers have booked vendors featured on their blog.

Wedding Chicks and Rock N Roll Bride are by no means reporting extraordinary results—these statistics are common. Wedding blog readers, millions per month, are the savvy, detail-obsessed clients that “get it,” generally speaking. They do not tend to be what Stephanie Padovani would call “price shoppers.”

If you do decide to advertise on a blog, you’ll also get a distinctive badge for your website saying “As Seen on Wed Loft” or “Green Wedding Shoes Preferred Wedding Artist.” Everyone has their Wedding Wire, Yelp, and The Knot badges—stand out with a different form of recognition! I’ve advertised with many blogs, and my best ROI has come from Offbeat Bride (I book about 1 wedding a month from them for a monthly advertising rate of $25!) By more closely associating yourself with the type of clients you want to attract, you gain a better understanding of their “wedding planning world,” and you can talk to them in their own language.


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