3 Easy Tips for Using a T-stand

February 10, 2012 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager

Are you considering using a T-stand for your gigs? It’s easy to transport, assemble and pack, lightweight and you can position it independently in your setup. Why wouldn’t you? Do you know the best angle to place one in order for your lights to work properly? Or how many lights to load on a T-stand? Read on for some quick suggestions that will make a huge difference:

1. Placement. The best angles for a T-stand are behind or side of your DJ setup. Your effect lights look best when placed at a 45-degree angle to spread beams from above and cover a large area. Keep it stable and sturdy, especially if mounting several lights, you want it to maintain its balance. Also, keep your T-stand (and your lights) at a safe distance from overly happy partiers.

2. Watch the weight! Not yours… just make sure you don’t overload the T-stand with fixtures. If you’re using a simple tripod T-stand, read the manual for maximum load capacity and balance each side with lights, not only for weight, but for design purposes as well. You wouldn’t want to hang two moving yokes on one side and nothing on the other side. If you are using a double stand with a connecting bar, make sure you don’t place too many fixtures in the middle. The bar can bend! Also, make sure the legs on each tripod face each other for stability. You can also lay sand bags over the legs. They make one specifically for stands that you can buy from online grip supplies stores.

Quick tip: Don’t forget to use the safety pins! They usually come with the stand and make your setup much more safer – hence “safety” pins.

3. Manage cables! Avoid accidents and maintain a professional look by responsibly hiding your cables. You can use cable ties or gaff tape to place the cables next to the bar. If you forget to bring those tools, just grab the cable and loop it around the bar. Keep in mind this isn’t the safest and most secure method of cable management.

Since knowledge is power, after going through these simple tips, feel strong and confident that your setup looks professional and is safe. Happy DJing!

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